Come on in and Sit for a Spell.

Pull out the old pictures, sit back and reminisce about fonder days. Take a look at those friends and family members that are no longer here. Remember some of the places you hung out or places where you lived. Think about passing them down to future generations.

Some people think times were easier and social interaction actually meant either seeing someone face to face or talking on the phone. Long before cell phones, satelite television, cable, and the Internet. A time when it was alright to play outside in the street and you'd better be inside when the streetlights came on

Places like the movie theater, bowling alleys, drive-in restaurants and other places were prevelent places to meet up with other folks and enjoy life. There were football games in the street in front of houses and people who lived in the area knew that once they rounded the corner, to make sure they gave ample time for the kids to see them coming. When many people think about those days, they naturally smile.

Many of the images used on this website are used with permission from the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. We are originally from Toledo and found their website "Images in Time" fascinating and full of history that can either be enhanced, manipulated, or restored. If you like what you see and want us to work with you on a project, please feel free to contact us via our contact form

Take a stroll down memory lane

Saturday Movie

Stroll into the theater where movies were 50¢ and you could spend the afternoon double feature.

image 2

Cruise into the Drive-In

Let the car hops bring the food right to your window. Before Sonic, there were local drive-ins that were meeting spots for teens.

image 3

Off to School

Some walked, some rode the bus, but it was equal when it came to hoping for a snow day. Kids dreaded September and looked forward to June.

image 4

When a TV was furniture

Some had built in stereos but back when televisions didn't need to be mounted on the wall. This television sported a price tag north of $400.00

image 5

Christmas Time

Looking in the windows, looking at ads, decorating, ahhh Christmas

image 6

Always Holiday Fun

Before people became mobile, family get togethers were always cool.

image 7

Rite of Passage

When a bike became uncool and walking was too far, time for the first car.

image 8

It's not difficult

Life is full of memorable things that make it complete. Let us help you keep the memories alive.