Look all you want...

Come on in and Sit for a Spell.

Sit for a Spell originally was designed for Wiccan spells, faith and fellowship but the person who commissioned the site passed away before it was completed.

The site sat with a construction and explaination page for years until the owner decided to split his original site and devote this to family memories and folks who can just "Sit for a Spell" and reminisce about days past. They can share their memories, maybe get a couple of family memories restored, and share their experiences with others.

The witch logo with the sillouette is in rememberance of Morwenna with all our love.

What We're Doing

Restoration of Memories

You find them everywhere around your house. Pictures of family no longer here, events that bring back fond memories, and kids growing up. Some of those pictures have faded through no fault of your or have been damaged by elements.

Those memories, in many cases, can be restored to bring a smile to your face or for future generations. Maybe you want to include them in your family tree and want others to see your proud family. Regardless, pictures can bring a smile to your face and bring great conversation around the table of reminiscing.

Manipulation of Pictures

Want to climb a mountain? We can do "what if" with pictures to include before and after. We've done it with buildings, modernize old photos and others. Nothing is out of place when it comes to your pictures.

Ever wanted to see what you looked like with specific make-up? How about different hair color but didn't want to try it? We can make a portrait of you look like anything you want. Want to see what you would look like with a specific outfit? We can take different pictures and put them together for a look that you would have never imagined. And of course, we absolutely respect your privacy.

Editing Photos

Look, we know you take great pictures and you know you take great pictures but sometimes, your pictures just need a little help to make them spectacular.

We take series of pictures and turn them into the panorama you intended so get right up there with your zoom lens to ensure you get everything. We remove imperfections, trees, telephone poles, whatever gets in the way. Someone photobomb your shoot? Don't scrap the pictures, take the person out.

We know that you go from one shoot to another so consider us your professional alternative to your frustration. Do what you do best and take great pictures while leaving the rest to us.

... but don't take anything unless you ask.