There are good and bad things that happen in life. Everything from winning the Little League championship to starting a business that makes millions, there is a story for everyone.

I'm a firm believer in playing the cards that were dealt to me. Regardless of good and bad, the deck is either stacked in my favor or a losing hand. There is nothing in the middle except mundane and more mundane days make a person dull. Our story is sometimes chronicled in pictures. If our parents did their job correctly, we were photographed from birth until present day with all the milestones in pictures from naked bathtub to the prom. The things that aren't chronicled though are the bad times which we try to forget.

Every dent in what we call life is just another experience of "what not to do." Whether it be a divorce, traffic accident, skinned knee, death, and other things, we are defined by both the good and bad and how we handle things in both instances. If we don't over complain at the bad times, then we handle things well according to society. If we don't boast when we succeed, we've handled that well also according to society. The squeaky wheel sometimes does get the most grease but attention can be a double edged sword.

I talked to someone once who said that they wanted to live almost underground so nobody could find them, get to them, or do anything to them. I laughed and said that I prefer to live high in the sky, noticeable by everyone that knows me so that if something happens, someone will find me. Never did subscribe to freezing to death on the front porch with a shotgun in my hands after a heart attack. Dayna told me a few times that was the way she wanted to go. My response was to tell her not to put her fingers on the trigger because the recoil could be harmful.

The one unique thing about our story of life is that it is truly ours. We choose whom to share it with and who is included. In the end, it's the experiences that count more than the possessions. Material things are more of a hindrance sometimes because we have to move them from place to place.

George Carlin said it once that "it's your shit but my stuff." Getting older, it's difficult to move possessions from one place to another. I guess that's why older people make that last move to a warmer climate and call it a day. When I was younger, people didn't know from time to time where I would end up. I've lived in many interesting places in the country, each with something unique that I've taken with me.

In the final analysis, it's experiences that matter when you're writing your book of life. Nothing can take that away from you unlike the repo man coming after your car.

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