When television went

A piece of furniture and in color too!

Television, in a crude way, came into being in the 1920s but exploded after World War II. Black and white televisions in the late 1940s and into the 50s were quite expensive with table top models averaging $269.95.

If you wanted a floor model television in 1950, the average cost for a Super Sized Zenith television averaged around $329.95 at Christmas time. Compared to today's prices, the cost for a television in 1950 proved to be quite expensive. If you calculate the cost from 1950 in today's money, with inflation averaging at 3.55%, the cost today for a Super Sized Zenith would be $3,306.83.

The cost of the television in the picture to the right averaged around $498.00 in 1967. The trend of color televisions being sold to the general public hastened television studios to convert from black and white shows to the new format of color. The picture tube form of televison was prevelent in one form or another digital format of broadcasting started in 1998. The full conversion from analog (picture tube type televisons) to digital was completed in September of 2015 after its September 2008 start.

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