Everyone in the Car....

...it's Movie Night!!!

Many nights you didn't pay by the person but by the carload. Yes, the drive-in was an economical way to watch some first run and definately second run movies with the family.

Mom spent the afternoon making popcorn and along with a cooler full of soda, it was off to the movies on a Friday night. Make sure you dim your headlights coming into the theater so as to not disturb the crowd.

Some theaters had "in car" sound that you tuned your radio in for while most had those speakers that hung on the window for everyone to hear. If it was snowing outside, no problem because most theaters were equipped with "in car heaters" for your comfort and to make sure you didn't run out of gas or drain the battery.

The large area of this drive-in could handle 1,700 cars without problem and had 1,200 in car heaters. The drive-in itself occupied 20 acres of prime real estate on the west side of Toledo, Ohio. With the value of the property and the waining crowds at the drive-in, the Miracle Mile was closed in 1986. It succumb to developers and was torn down. Another memory that is now, just a memory

Colorization of this picture included new sky and new roadside plants.