Saturday Movie

Stroll into the theater where movies were 50¢

image 2

You too can be a piece of art

After you get your fantasy picture done, we can turn it into oil

image 3

Beautiful to gorgeous

Make yourself the knockout that you are.

image 4

Do you remember?

Places change hands but memories and smells last forever.


image 5

Before Color

Some images should stay black and white but there are times that color is much better

image 6

The First Car

A rite of passage for any teenager is their first car. Is it black, or a different color?

image 7

Friday Night at the Drive-In

Pack up the car and the kids. It's time for the movies!

image 8

A Movie Star

Colorizing a portrait or even an old picture just to see family resemblance

Repair and Restorations

image 5

Grocery Stores

Before self checkouts, the local grocery store provided personalized service.

image 6

Shopping for Furniture

When you actually went downtown to shop for furniture. Different rooms, different floors.

image 7

Necessary Evils

Across from the theater on the front page was this building, a funeral home.

image 8

Life Happens

When it's time to say goodbye to the past but you look really good in that picture.


image 5

When did you get your first color TV?

What did you watch in the evening on your new color TV?

image 6

What can you do with cracked earth?

Make just about anything with stuff you just find lying around.

image 7

Ever wonder what you'd look like

Combining pictures can yield a surprising result. Ever think about experimenting?

image 8

Pure Imagination

Dream under the moonlight. Imagination is wonderful but expressing it at times can be problematic.