When you went downtown to shop

Before the malls

People actually went downtown to shop, see movies, have dinner and conduct business. Back when department stores had "bargain basements" and every floor was packed with merchandise.

If you overbought, no problem because most downtown stores delivered at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Whether it be department stores, furniture stores and yes, even downtown grocery stores would deliver right to your door. Back when you bought some things by the bushel or the peck and produce was home grown.

Downtown was always an event whether it be lit up for the holidays or the local weatherman doing his broadcast in front of one of the prominent downtown hotels. First run movies at many theaters, live theater at other venues and always an open restaurant after the show was finished. Parking was never a problem because you could either park in a lot, or on the street. That all changed once shopping centers and malls became prominent and people didn't need to go downtown anymore.

Restoration of this picture colorizing with colors of the actual building and a lot of straightening. .