Remember those big cash registers?

The Neighborhood Grocery Store

Back when you could push the call button and the butcher would come out to help you, the neighborhood grocery store stood ready to sell food to the people. They knew who you were, asked you if you had coupons, and helped you to the car with your bags.

It was before scanners and self check-outs. The cash registers were sometimes so big you couldn't see the cashier until you were right along side of her. There were no choices in bags, everything was paper and they even had insulated bags for your frozen items like ice cream. Questions were cheerfully answered by the employees and you knew that everything was fresh.

You never knew who you would see at the neighborhood grocery store and since there was no "price match" guarantees, Saturday mornings were spent pouring over newspapers for the best deals and the highest redemption coupons. Sometimes, there were two or three grocery stores involved but since they were close to home, it was a minor inconvience.

Restoration of this picture included updating the parking lot and colorizing but the two pictures are actually the same.