When you need personalized service the most.

Large Funeral Homes.

They were either individually or family owned but they knew who you were by name. Most families did business with the same funeral home for members of their family so generations would use the services of the funeral home.

Call them what you want. They are either funeral homes, or mortuaries but size did matter. The building in the picture is three story with apartments, a large room upstairs and offices along with viewing rooms on the first floor. A full basement was where the actual work happened with elevators, smoking room, organ and other amenities fit inside this approximately 21,000 square foot building.

The funeral home could handle multiple services at the same time but the director would always be close by with either tissues or to answer questions. Some families have passed the business down from generation to generation to keep the "personalized service" when you need them.

Restoration of this picture included taking out the people and the assessor number, updating the clouds and emphasizing the building.