Things change...

...but memories still stay the same.

Maybe it was your first job or the place where you bought your furniture when you first moved out. It could be someplace special that has either changed hands or is no longer there but the memories still are fresh in the mind.

If you grew up during the 1950s or 1960s, windows were alive with product throughout the Christmas season just waiting to be put on Santa's wish list. The fall guaranteed that the spectacle of new cars would fill auto showrooms thorughout the city and dealers were vying for business.

There are many places that are looked upon fondly throughout one's life just like the pictures to the right. Before it was a furniture store, the building was a grocery store, then another but the client remembered it as a furniture store because it was where not only he got his first job, but got refriderator boxes to play with as a child.

Manipulation The original picture is actually from Google Maps in 2015 with the transition mostly from memory and from one newspaper ad.